Read below what the community and industry has to say about KERR.

"May I say how impressed I am with Kerr!

Kyle has been great to work with and his quality of work is exceptional. And Marco started taping today. I've been doing this a long time and I can honestly say he is the first taper I've seen that didn't drop mud on the floor. Not even one drop. I am very impressed!"

Recognition from Rescom.


1. How likely is it that you would recommend KERR to a customer or colleague rated from 1 to 10.
    KERR scored an overall average of 9.56


  •  No immediate issues with Kerr and would have no issues recommending them
  • We have done several successful projects in the past, and would like to do more. Great company with qualified personnel!
  • Excellent company to work with
  • KERR is on our list of preferred external partners

Calculating the NPS Score

The Net Promoter Score is calculated by taking the number of people who rated a 9 or a 10, and subtracting the number of people who gave you a 0-6.  7’s and 8’s don’t count.  

Using this method KERR scored a 51 from our customers.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting our students in Sturgeon's Off-campus Education program. It certainly makes a difference to have leaders in our community mentor the students as they learn to manage their many responsibilities in the world of work. We know the foundation of these programs is your support, and we appreciate your time and commitment"

-Teresa Ferri B. Ed. Off-campus Education Coordinator

We just finished our yearly two day meeting with H & M where all the contractors from New Orleans, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal and all places in between are evaluated and rated. Thanks to all of your hard work, the West Edmonton Mall was singled out as the fasted rebuild in North America. We rebuilt WEM at 1950 square feet a week. The next fastest rebuild was our project at Vaughan Mills which came in at 1500 square feet a week and our closest competitor was a project in Chicago which averaged 935 square feet a week. The West Edmonton Mall project has been analysed by the bean counters from Sweden to New York and they’re still shaking their heads.

Dave, I single you out for their only criticism of the project and that sound we hear all the way to Toronto is your head repeatedly smashing against the table, was as follows. “You guys built it too fast, maybe we should have given you a few more weeks.”

WEM has the first of five projects we did with H & M last year and we couldn’t miss our first turnover date. Thanks to you guys we not only made the date but allowed Structure Corp. to strengthen our Partnership Program with H & M for next number of years.

I hope this email finds all your companies and families in good standing and health and all the best to you.


Thanks again,




TEL 416.588.2004 e.241 | CEL 416.896.2432 | WWW.STRUCTURECORP.COM


As an aside to all the business of my earlier email, I wanted to drop a line to let you know that we are very impressed by the great care and attention to detail that Gaetan, and Kerr in general, is giving to this project. We are relieved to be working with such a craftsperson on the drywalling.

We look forward to an exciting end result, and the potential of working on future projects in Edmonton.

John McKenna
gh3 Architects
Re:  Castledowns Pavilion

Thank you to Kerr Interior Systems for all of the hard work, dedication, and poise that was shown on the 5th Floor TD Tower project...this project was a true test of character, and a statement of the ability that your company has...every employee on site worked hard for the same goal and we achieved it... thank you for helping me look good as well as showing that Kerr Interior Systems is a company that can be trusted to get the job done.

Jared Fabian T.T.
Pemco Construction
Re: 5th Floord TD Tower Project 

Thank you and your company for a job well done. It was a pleasure doing work with you because of you willingness to get the job done.

Dave Jacobson
Makloc Buildings Inc. 

I wish to acknowledge the excellent performance of your company during the critical stages of completing the Westlock IGA...It has been a pleasure to work with trades who posses a positive attitude such as Kerr Interior Systems Ltd.

Bill Tumback, J.P. (Jim) Young, R.E.T.
McLean Young Construction Ltd.
Re: Westlock IGA Project 

We can all look upon our accomplishment and feel very proud of our endowment to the youth of our community. Stuart Olson's appreciation goes to you for your generosity in this undertaking and we look forward to continuing our good working relationship with your company.

Oscar Rutar, P. Eng.
Stuart Olson Construction
Re: Y.E.S.S. START House Project 

Congratulations may not be the correct phrase Darryl, however I would like to acknowledge your wisdom and your ability to think outside the box. During the tour of your facility I was totally amazed by the creativity and foresight that is being implemented in your planning of your new building design. I am having moments of wishing I had never left Kerr, I guess circumstances take us to where ever we need to be.

I see integrity and humility in your team, a nice clean warehouse, I see that you are on the cutting-edge of a new industry. This is where Precast buildings were when they started. I am simply impressed.

I wish you the greatest of luck to you and your family and your business.


Peter Lenyk, C.E.T., C.C.C.A.
Project Officer, Engineering Services