Kerr Interiors specializes in a number of areas including acoustic ceilings, drywall & steel stud, load-bearing steel stud and specialty items.


KERR is always searching for ways to be innovative. One way KERR has been able to set themselves apart is by creating an in shop assembly line for load bearing steel studs. This reduces time on site and creates a steady organized flow to jobs. 


KERR has experience with many different types of projects such as lump sum, cost plus and integrated project delivery (IPD).


Acoustic Ceilings

We have access to and can install all types of available acoustic and specialty ceilings. Examples include clean room labs and food preparation facilities, decorative ceilings and sound reducing applications. 


Light Gauge Roof and Floor Systems

There are several options for Floor systems , ranging from Cold Formed Steel floor joists with thin deck and concrete to Ultrabond or ComSlab decks with concrete.  

Drywall & Steel Stud Construction

KERR's team of qualified lathers can create the intricate detailing involved in curved walls, bulkheads, valences with ease because they use the best tools available and the crew is highly trained. 

Load Bearing Steel Stud

We can Engineer and build anything from a small mezzanine in your office or shop, a Garage slab to create additional space or a 6-7 story building with new Advanced Heavy Gauge steel stud and floor systems.

Advantage of using KERR


KERR is dedicated to producing a high quality of work in a timely manner.  KERR is committed to using Ticketed Journeymen ISM tradesmen, as well as continually sending Apprentices through the NAIT ISM (Interior Systems Mechanic) program.

KERR field staff are paid hourly to ensure consistent performance, reliability and quality on every project.

KERR has some of the most organized and well trained foremen in the industry.  KERR foreman have a tablet for easy access to project documents and efficient communication from site to project management (KERR office and others involved in the project).

 KERR is dedicated to implementing LEAN construction principles on all our projects and has the capability of using BIM when required.

 KERR is one of the most technologically advanced Drywall Company’s in the industry, with exceptional use of Technology in our Estimating, Job tracking, Project Management, Purchasing and accounting processes.

 KERR has a dedicated Purchaser, which is unique to our industry, and ensures excellent relationships with our Suppliers so that we can guarantee timely deliveries, excellent material pricing, and sourcing of specialty products.

 KERR is able to compete on a wide range of commercial projects ranging from small repair jobs or renovations, to large new builds.  This ensures KERR can be your one stop shop for all your ISM requirements.

 KERR has been in business since 1978, and during this time has built an excellent reputation in Edmonton and the surrounding area.  Our commitment to our Core Values and Purpose, including a straight forward and honest communication style sets us apart from our competitors.  We will always be honest in our communications to our customers so that they understand what the reality of the project is at any given time.

 KERR has been COR certified since the inception of COR.  KERR has a dedicated safety officer who visits sites and keeps all aspects of our safety program up to date.  KERR scored 94% on its most recent external audit and received rave reviews from the auditor, who said our safety program and level of commitment is on par with Industrial companies.

 KERR is specialized in the area of Load bearing steel stud construction and pre-manufactured steel stud trusses.  KERR has a warehouse manufacturing facility dedicated to this type of construction.  KERR has been completing load bearing steel stud projects since 2002, ranging from residential homes, garage basements, mezzanines and large buildings up to 7 story’s high.

 KERR has a significant number of long term employees with an excellent retention record.  We have many employees who have been employed by KERR from 10-25 + years.