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Kerr Interiors is always looking to improve their business and hiring skilled workers that share our enthusiasm is a must.

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As a growing company, KERR is in constant need of skilled, experienced, and dedicated people to help maintain a leading position in the dynamic region of Western Canada.

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Benefits of Working for KERR Interiors:

  • Time and a half overtime for all hours worked over 44 per week.
  • Full medical benefits through the Merit Contractors Association for ALL of our employees.  This is full service medical, dental and eyeglass coverage, as well as short term and long-term disability, and many other benefits.
  • Paid weekly with direct deposit.

KERR encourages all employees and apprentices to become a Certified Journeyman through the 3 year Lather Interior systems Mechanic program at NAIT.  

KERR has been actively involved with the apprenticeship program, including developing the program content and adjusting the program as required as the industry evolves. KERR also is actively involved with the Provincial Apprenticeship Committee (PAC) . 

Foreign Workers:

KERR hires many foreign workers with great success and in the future will look into having a Labor Market Opinion (LMO) again.



  • Must have a strong command of the English language.
  • Must be knowledgeable of materials and have the skills required to install drywall, steel stud, and acoustic ceilings in Alberta.


  • KERR encourages all of their foreign workers to achieve permanent residency and bring their families to work and live in Edmonton.  
  • If required by the job site, KERR will send workers for any safety and, or skill tickets.  Anyone who is already trained is a definite asset.  
  • KERR encourages foreign workers to get their Journeyman certificate once they have become Permanent Residents.

Thank you for considering KERR Interiors as a future employer. 

You may email your resume to

Upon receipt, your application will be reviewed and if your qualifications and experience meet the requirements of an existing vacancy, you will be contacted for an interview.