Employee Survey Q&A

Survey Results:

1. Given the opportunity, how likely are you to recommend our company as a great place to work? (Rated from 1-10)

    We scored an overall average of 8.46.


Calculating the NPS Score

The Net Promoter Score is calculated by taking the number of people who rated a 9 or a 10, and subtracting the number of people who gave you a 0-6.  7’s and 8’s don’t count.  

Our employees gave us a score of 57.

We appreciate your replies to our survey sent out recently. If you didn’t receive one by email please ensure that we have your correct email so you can participate when we send our next employee survey- They are all anonymous and confidential.

There were a number of suggestions and comments in regard to improvements you would like to see implemented and we have addressed your comments as best we can below.

Q.   Payment statements are not sent consistently after a paycheck.

A.     We understand that they have not been sent with consistency but now that we have Jacee in our office assisting in various aspects of the office, we will endeavor to send payroll statements every Friday or at the latest Monday.


Q.     Will KERR offer a pension plan?  New and improved benefit package?

A.     We did look into a Pension Plan or RRSP contribution participation at one point years ago but there was very little interest with the employees. These plans are based on a high percentage participation rate otherwise they are not very efficient or effective. We will bring this matter up at one of our meetings and carefully consider implementing it based on participation. We will add a RRSP contribution question in our next survey.

We feel that our benefit package with Merit is one of the best available but we are always reviewing to ensure we have one of the best for the employees.


Q.    Increase competitiveness by doing more load bearing jobs.

A.     We feel that we can be and are very competitive in all the jobs that we bid no matter the scope. However, we do feel that load bearing jobs are the way of the future and therefore we are continually bidding them. Load Bearing is extremely competitive and therefore we are not always the successful bid so we are bidding other types of jobs in addition.


Q.     Communication- if you need a tool or equipment to make your work better and easier and  you ask your Foreman it needs  be communicated to the office staff to see if the object  is available in the shop.

A.     We couldn’t agree more on this subject,  we feel that whatever it takes to be more efficient. If employees don’t feel they are not provided with the correct tools or equipment or needs repair please use the “Red Tag” system. See the foreman for the procedure.


Q.     Owners should go more often to site jobs.

A.     This is something that is very important to us as well and we are working on a solution. Barry and Wendell are the owners and the Project Managers so they are certainly on as many sites that is possible to them. Darryl does visit certain sites and he would like to be able to visit more but his time is spent estimating and keeping everyone busy. Once he has secured enough work for the year, he will be visiting more sites.


Q.     Focus more on Quality over Quantity/don’t judge by hours worked but contribution.

A.     We are focusing our efforts on getting more innovative work however, because of  economy we are obliged to bid on all types of work. Although some of the work may seem like we are focusing on quantity, we always consider every job as quality. When we bid our jobs there are a number of hours allotted to the scope of the job so we always expect everyone use their time as efficiently and effectively as possible as it has never been as important as it is now with competition and weakened economy.


Q.   Hope the company will keep us busy at work and give us at least 40 hours per week

A.   Of course this is what we are always trying to achieve for everyone at KERR. There is quite a bit of work to bid and we are bidding as many jobs as we are able and have had some success. Of course we will be continuing to work hard to secure work that has made us successful, but the current market is extremely competitive.  We are working hard to build relationships with current and new customers so that we can keep everyone busy, but in the unlikely event there is a slowdown, we hope everyone will work together as a team to keep layoffs to a minimum”


Q.   Continuous improvement for processes and procedures in regards to jobs and change orders

A.    We are confident that all the employees at KERR are working on improving their processes for efficiency and productivity purposes. To help with this we have been working with a Strategic Consultant firm to streamline our processes and procedures in all aspects of this company. We have learned some very valuable processes that we have already implemented and believe that this will be a benefit to all employees. Going forward we will keep everyone informed as best we can about new processes and procedures and the overall importance of this program.


Q.   No accountability and the mismanagement of time is like stealing.

A.   Once again we can’t agree more with this comment. We hire employees based on various core values that are important here at KERR. We do expect that everyone will use their time efficiently and appropriately and understand that 100% commitment to this isn’t always possible in any business.  However, we feel that individuals that do not have the same values as we expect are generally not with our company long term. If anyone feels as though this value system is not being followed, we encourage you to discuss your thoughts with Darryl, Wendell, or Barry on a confidential basis. We feel that we have excellent employees that we trust and feel comfortable with and appreciate their time management skills.